Anitra Smith (anitra) wrote,
Anitra Smith

Garden update

So, for anyone who hasn't heard me gushing about this already: For the first time in my life, I have a vegetable & herb garden. Using the square foot method (more or less) in a 4x4 raised box.

The good so far:

  • enough lettuce for salads several times a week. I especially like the "Ithaca" type - curly and crunchy

  • mint and chives going like gangbusters. Mint tea, anyone?

  • the one lonely bush tomato plant ("Early Girl") looks like it's going to produce dozens of tomatoes.

  • I have broccoli seedlings growing in my house, ready to transplant soon!

Not so good:

  • One type of flower I planted from seed never even came up. I later planted a cucumber plant from my mother-in-law.

  • The basil I planted from seed took FOREVER to come up, and most of the seedlings didn't make it. I have one lonely basil plant and it's still small.

  • I just had to uproot most of the lettuces today. The red leaf & the "buttercrunch" started to bolt (growing huge stems - probably because I neglected them last week), and both the red leaf and the Ithaca were starting to have some sort of leaf rot. So I pruned back the buttercrunch and got rid of the others.

  • The onions I planted are "done" (tops falling over) but still tiny.

  • The carrots I think aren't in loose enough soil - the one I picked out was a few inches long, but no thicker than the stems growing above it. Tiny.

  • I keep getting mushrooms, which are highly annoying.

  • I planted 2 pepper plants: one only has a single pepper, and the other has none (but I think I see buds).

Next year: keep a closer eye on the lettuce, try some composting, and put up a real trellis/post system so I can have vining tomatoes (preferably the really small cherry/grape kind instead of the behemoths I'm getting on the bush) and cucumbers, without worrying about them taking over the rest of the garden. Figure out what other kinds of plants lend themselves to continuous harvest (lettuce, herbs, etc.) Maybe even put in a second raised bed/box or some fruiting bushes?
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