February 22nd, 2002


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Ah well.. I should be doing work right now. I really should be doing work. I really, really don't want to. I need to do more work on my IQP proposal, so we can actually go to London in 2 weeks. But of course, my partner who's been editing the final copy hasn't given it back to the other two of us so we can do any work. We're going to meet tomorrow and go over it.. but there's still so much to add to it.. and it's due Tuesday.

Not to mention my work for my other two classes.. plus packing, plus the always-fruitless summer job search... *sigh*...

I'm ready to kill "Kilroy" or whoever it is mangling songs across the hall in the Campus Center... This is sooo painful, especially to a voice student like me.
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    the annoying music from across the hall