February 24th, 2002



So we went to the WWF event in Manchester this afternoon. It was a lot of fun... definitely made it worth coming up here, I'm having a great short break from schoolwork. I got the last bit of work done for the IQP paper and sent it to my partners this morning, like I said I would.

Unfourtunately, I also need to study for my Operating Systems test. The test is going to be on Tuesday, but we're reviewing & asking questions tomorrow in class. I probably won't have all that much time tomorrow, so I need to really look through the material he gave us and get ready. My other class I'm not worried about at all, but I could definitely see myself failing this. That would be bad.

Most other things seem to be going well for me right now, though. It's definitely been good to be away this weekend. I needed the break from everything at school, which is why I can't wait to go to London. I don't really want to leave nightskyre, but it'll be good for both of us. By the time I get back, I think he'll be feeling much better. In fact, he's been showing signs of it already, which is great, especially since he's probably the only person I'll be able to hang out with between the end of classes and when I go to the airport a week later. Now if only I could line up a job for May when I get back, everything would be perfect. I really want to stay in Worcester this summer. You ask why anyone would want to stay in Woostah? Well, I really don't want to go home. It would be so great to simply find a job, and get enough money to do something with, while keeping busy, maybe even taking a class so it will be easier for me to graduate. *shrug* I'm gonna stop worrying about that for a couple of days, while I'm trying to deal with everything I need to get done this week.
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