February 28th, 2002


We're done! We're done!

So, my team managed to get everything in today, in spite of conflicting advice from our advisor and instructor, printer problems, exams, yet more changes we had to make to the paper, forgotten parts such as the cover letter, etc. We made it, past seemingly-insurmountable odds.

After that, my brain kind of turned into jelly. This wasn't exactly a good thing, as I had a final exam at 3pm, but I think it went ok. After the final, it was time to do my final homework for Operating Systems. My brain still felt like mush. Frustrating when you can't remember the basics of C++, especially when you're a CS major.

However, my thoughts gradually became clearer. By the time we went to dinner at 6:30ish, I had the first part done, and I felt normal again :) Finally finished (as much as I had planned on), and it's not even 11pm yet! Done more than an hour before I had planned!! No more class work for me!

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