April 2nd, 2002


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Got another letter from my mom today. Or maybe it's the first one - I've gotten a lot of emails from her, though, and read two more today. She seems to be doing well, although there is that undercurrent of loneliness I've come to expect. She seems very concerned for A., and sent him a package for Easter (to try and cheer him up?), as well as asking me to pray for herself and Dad.

Project is really picking up now. I forsee working fairly full days in the future, at least for the next week or so. Tomorrow is going to be very full, with an advisor meeting in the morning as well as two interviews - little hope of getting other work done during the day. Our advisor, as always, is very unhappy with our paper. I don't understand what he wants us to change, although he seems to keep asking the same things over and over.

A. was supposed to call tonight; I wonder what happened to him? Maybe he couldn't get through again. I forgot to pick up a phone card this afternoon, so I couldn't call him to find out. I'll make sure I do that tomorrow. And I keep forgetting to call Tom, damn it! (clarification: Tom is a friend who lives in England; he told me to keep in touch with him while I was here, wants to get together or something.)

Happy note: After being disappointed by browsing the bookstore directly across the street, I found some great stuff at another bookstore down the road. It's my favorite kind of bookstore, where everything is cheap, and there are so many books inside, you can hardly move. I'm definitely heading back in a few days. :) yay!
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Stupid phone.

Damn. The phone just rang; I had hoped it was A., but it was someone asking for a roommate who's not here right now. *sigh*

Oh, other good thing: I saw the Tower of London yesterday. Very interesting history. It's been used as a royal residence, a prison, an armoury, an execution site, and storage for the crown jewels. All the coins for Britain were minted there until the 1800s, and it's been a tourist attraction for 300 years. Amazing.
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