April 27th, 2002


Toronto airport.

Here I am, finally back in the Western Hemisphere. When I went to Greenwich a week ago, I stood on the Prime Meridian and told myself "well here I am, 74 degrees of longitude away from home." I'm much closer now.

It took me over an hour to get through all the customs and things here in Toronto. I got off the plane, then had to make my way through Canadian customs. Then I had to find and collect my baggage, give it up again to take a shuttle from the terminal for international flights to the one for domestic & US flights. Now that I'm in the correct terminal, I have to fill out a US customs card, then go get my baggage again. I drag it to US customs. This part of the process was rather confusing. I find US customs, go through, and I am randomly selected to have my bags checked. I talk with the officer as he goes through my bags. I finally get to re-check my checked luggage. Then I go through yet another set of metal detectors, and this time I have to take out and turn on all my electronic devices, which includes the cell phone the school made me take, my CD player, the Game Boy, and my laptop. I hope I didn't miss any...

Anyway, Massachusetts definitely seems a lot closer now. I can't wait until I get there at 6... Just think, I've already been (mostly) awake for 14 hours! I'm definitely going to be tired tonight.
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