May 10th, 2002


Now, I'm home.

I'm trying so hard not to get frustrated with my mom. I'm failing miserably. nightskyre only left this morning, and I'm already going crazy with the prospect of being here all summer. I can't wait for work to start so I can escape my mom, but I wonder if I'll have to listen to her ramblings every morning and evening, or if I'll actually be able to drive myself to work.

I really want to be content. But it's very hard. I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning up enough shit around here so I can feel at home. I envision a summer where I spend all my time at home up in my room... but I can only do that if my room feels more livable than the rest of the house. At the moment, it does, but just barely, so I plan on putting a lot more time in tomorrow, and a little on Sunday.

To be positive, I enjoyed seeing my best friends lsheep and mourninglory again. I got to spend the last two weeks with nightskyre, and that was very good. My dad has offered to let me sleep at his apt. if I get too sick of it here, which I don't really plan to take him up on, but it's comforting nonetheless. The weather has been cold but sunny. I finally got to see the movie The Scorpion King, which was quite enjoyable.

I guess that's it for now. Back to cleaning, and hoping it takes my mom a long time to come home.
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