September 4th, 2002



Just a quick note to ensure that I'm still sane ;)

I feel that I (mostly) have a handle on my classwork, job, etc. at the moment. However, that does NOT mean I have time to do more stuff. I need to keep this in mind. I also need to set some stringent deadlines for myself regarding this MQP (senior thesis for you non-WPIers). I'm not getting enough work done, because I'm not working towards anything specific. Will bring this up on Friday at our group meeting.

What else? I need to remember to go to the CS office tomorrow to photocopy my homework grading sheet and fill out my timesheet. I'll get my first paycheck next week!

The grad-school / job search isn't going great; I need to find more time to put into that. I'd like to finish up my resume by this weekend, then make an appointment with the career center to go over it, and see if I can ask some advice, too.

And I wish I hadn't been so moody this week. Hope it doesn't become a habit. Oh, and my lower back hurts. I hate to think what this pain will be like when I get older, as it's already fairly regular. hmm.
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