September 9th, 2002



Ugh. I am sick. A monster cold (might be the flu) snuck up on me Thursday night. I got very little work done Friday, including skipping everything I had before noon. Amazingly, Saturday morning I felt fine. This morning I woke up and felt awful again. My throat is already hoarse and painful, and now it feels like there's something stuck in it. I barely managed to get a minimum of work done on my Graphics homework so I could turn it in this evening. I didn't really do any other work at all. I really hope I feel better tomorrow, or I'm going to be f***ed for the rest of the term. Yes, a major problem with 7-week terms: miss two days and you're a week behind. Not to mention that we only have two more rehearsals before the Family Day concert, and one of them is tomorrow. I may go and not sing, but that will feel like a waste of time. Hm.

I'm going to drug myself up tomorrow, and if I'm not better, than I'm going to have to find a way to take a day or two off so I can just rest and get better. Here's hoping it won't come to that, especially as I'm already behind in one or two classes.
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