September 17th, 2002



Ugh. I'm trying to read the Computer Graphics book, but I start dozing off every few lines. After 2 pages of such, it no longer makes enough sense for me to keep going.

I have so much work to do... if I can't start the graphics homework, I'd better keep working on one of my many Ethics assignments, which are all due Thursday.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy, too. I'm taking over a friend's lab time from 10-11, voice lesson 11:30-12:15, my lab sessions 2-4, and I'm holding office hours 6-8. I'd also like to go to the career fair, but I need to make sure my resume is ready, and iron some of my nice clothes. I refuse to go in wearing a t-shirt and pants, even nice ones... so I need to iron my suit, or at least one of my nice shirts so I can wear a skirt. Probably go with the new suit, though. It's nice... too bad it needs to be ironed so badly. Oh, and I need to spend 5-6 hours grading homeworks, too - no idea when I'm going to get that done.

nightskyre's birthday was fun.. However, I'm getting more and more sleep deprived as this week goes on. Unfortunately, I can't afford to take the time required to nap or go to bed early. Yes, I really do have that much work to do.
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