November 11th, 2002



Frustrated. Nothing is getting done like it should. On top of that, my PC was being super-flaky this morning. BrazenHeart suggested it could be that the fan is semi-plugged, and it's overheating. As long as it keeps working for another hour or two, I should be ok.

In other news, this AI homework seems impossible.Collapse )

It's Veterans' Day, and I'm meaning to call both my grandfather and my father, but I'm not even sure I'm going to have time to do so. My father I could call after I have choir rehearsal tonight, but if I'm going to call my grandfather, I'll need to do it afternoon-ish. But my only time where I even might be near a phone is also the only time I get to spend with nightskyre, (about 5pm-6pm today) so it might be a little difficult. If I take a few minutes away, I'm sure he'll understand.

Now I have to get ready for work, and hope that my MQP advisor stops critising our work so harshly.
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