December 19th, 2002


stupid one phone line.

I guess I'm not going online tonight.
My mom was on the phone most of the evening.. and when I came back from a short outing with lorisheep, she was online, checking her email (which she hasn't done in about a week, so there's 1k messages.. *sigh*).

Oh well. To bed, so I can get up and have breakfast with my dad tomorrow.
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Last night's main entry.. which for some reason isn't showing up.

Well, I'm home. The train ride was actually quite nice. And my mom hasn't driven me crazy... yet. However, I am relegated to sleeping on the couch, so my temper is bound to shorten awfully soon.

MQP is still insane. I'm supposed to be testing & debugging my code over break. Brazenheart was annoyed because I hadn't yet. But I tried to start my testing with his code - and when I can even get it to compile, it segfaults! I called him on it, and he says it works fine, and I just need to test mine anyway. Arg.

Also still looking for Christmas presents for a lot of my family. It's so hard to shop for people who already have so much stuff. I'm going to have to make some shopping trips this week, and I need to keep working on the calendar I'm making for my mom. I snuck it out to the library yesterday.. hopefully I'll finish my next book soon and have a good excuse to go back.

To anyone who wonders where I've been, we don't have any broadband at my house, so I can only use a modem and I can't tie up the phone line too much.
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Ah, home.

With my mother ranting and raving and talking to the air. I don't think I'll ever understand her... and I pray I'll never be like her. She trips all over the place and whenever she can't find something, she blames it on the people who have been helping her clean up. But does she complain to them? Of course not, that would make too much sense. Instead, I'm subjected to her rants all day long. Bah. I can't wait to get back to school, but it's so far away. In a few days, at least I'll be heading up to Maine.

On a good note, I spent most of today with my dad, starting with a late breakfast at his apartment (mm, french toast). Then we spent most of the day doing our Christmas shopping. The really good news is that I managed to get presents for everyone but him (including my no-good MQP partner Brazenheart; he is still my friend, after all, and his birthday is soon). So tomorrow I'm going to head out to the library to work on my mom's calendar more, and also go back to one store we went to today to get tea & possibly coffee for my dad. Then I'll be just about done!

This just in: Brazenheart just said he would try to debug his code better! Hooray! I knew it was a good idea to get him a birthday/Christmas present anyway!
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