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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Summer vacation

Day 5. We've already done a picnic outside (day 2), a little bit of swimming (day 2, with daddy since I don't have a suit that fits my enormous pregnant belly), a trip to the EcoTarium with friends (day 3), time with Grandma (sometimes babysitting, sometimes going out for food), and lots of outside time.

Their attitudes day to day crack me up, though.

First, I didn't realize how much this would affect Asher, since he's not in school yet. But he got very confused that we're not rushing to get dressed, eat, and take Claire to school every morning. So now, every day, he asks "Is it still summer vacation?" and today "We're staying home forever!" LOL.

Claire, on the other hand, got to day 4 before bitterly complaining that she's bored (mostly because I won't let her watch TV or play computer games all day - also she wants to do "crafts" which always end up needing help & supervision). I made the kids come outside with me (they had already watched almost 2 hours of TV at Grandma's), and after 10 minutes, she wanted to go back in. I told her "No, it's summer vacation and we're going to be outside." I gave a few suggestions as to what she could do outside... and she rejected all of them in favor of sitting in the shade and reading. Ah, a girl after my own heart.

The nicest part has been letting them play inside as long as they want in the mornings - it seems to be their most consistently creative time. And since we're not always rushing out of the house, I don't need to make them immediately pick up their (block, LEGO, puzzle, papercraft) creations.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out what else we can do while waiting for baby boy to make his appearance. Trying to make sure we're prepared with enough clothes, diapers, and gear... only a few days left!
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lil_cherub June 20th, 2014
I hope your delivery goes well! Any day now!

Maybe you can find the library hours and see if they are doing a summer program? That would suit Claire's interests and give Asher a reason to get dressed, Plus, walking is good for baby #3. Hopefully he's here soon. Ben's birthday is Monday, it would be cool if they have the same date.

anitra June 20th, 2014
Right now, I'm basically in a holding pattern. I'll have some help with the big kids starting either with delivery or June 30 (which is my scheduled end-date for induction, anyway), whichever comes first. So right now, I'm basically trying to keep the kids busy without committing to much of anything (a few playdates here and there), since I don't want to end up with more than I can handle.

As it is, I'm enjoying the slower mornings - just not the endless afternoons. I think I am likely to become VERY familiar with the schedules of not only our library, but a few other local libraries, too....

londo June 20th, 2014
Congratulations on your third!

anitra June 20th, 2014
Thanks! We are filling the world with geeklings ;)

anitra August 22nd, 2015
Funny, I was just reviewing this, and a lot of the patterns were the same this summer. A little bit less of the supervised crafting, and a bit more of begging for screen time (for BOTH older kids now). On the other hand, we've been filling the days a lot more, since I have a toddler instead of a newborn.

Having a swingset in our backyard helped a lot, too.

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