April 18th, 2003


Yay! Now for sleep.

After two nights of not much sleep, my Webware project (#3) is done, and so is our MQP paper. Hooray!

My Physics lab was due today, but I haven't done it yet. However, I should be fine as long as I get it in by Tuesday.

That means that this weekend I need to:
- do that PH lab
- practice voice stuff for the "marathon recital" on Monday (3-4:30pm, somewhere in Alden Hall - I'm going first, I have 2 songs to sing.)
- doing the PH homework would be a good idea, too. I've been skipping class and not doing the HW for about a week.
- get ready to give a MySQL/PHP session on Monday night.
- practice my bits of solo for the Broadway Revue coming up (next week Saturday, next rehearsal is Monday)

- be ready for singing in the church choir on Sunday (it's Easter, after all)
- laundry would be a good idea

And I need to sleep a bunch. I've been courting a cold/sore-throat thing for about 2 weeks now. It would really suck if my lack of sleep made it flare up just in time for multiple singing engagements.

And my mom is showing up sometime this weekend. Of course, I don't know when, other than her saying she'll be coming to church with me on Sunday. *sigh*