May 15th, 2003


I am sick of moving.

That's really about it. I am sick of moving my stuff back and forth. But I'm not motivated to try to get it all into my car in one big trip. Time is running out, and there's still a fair amount of stuff in my dorm room.

Good news, though: I have a bed (that I'm picking up tomorrow.. I hope Sheif will be back by then so I can borrow his van), and I have a pretty good idea now of how stuff will fit into my room.

I will try to remember to get up early tomorrow, so I can go to the breakfast for global projects people. I wonder if they'll let me in.... (It's supposed to be for graduates, but I wonder if it's exclusive to them). A few other friends of mine are going, and I hope to see them there. I can't believe everyone is leaving. Has it really been four years already? I miss my freshman year. Everything was so simple then... sort of.

I think I'd better go to bed. *thunk*
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