July 11th, 2003


Things on the street

I just saw the weirdest thing on my way home. The only name I can find for it is "super-stretch SUV." Think a really long stretch limo, but boxy and high off the ground like an SUV. Yes, it was white. It really freaked me out when it passed me (going the other way) on Highland Street.

Speaking of Highland Street, I'm really excited that "real" stoplights were finally installed at the Highland & West intersection. For those who haven't seen this intersection (or don't remember it), it has the standard Massachussetts-style stoplights: they're on poles on each corner, about 10 feet off the ground. It took me a while to get used to them when I started driving around here. But I digress. At this intersection, the stoplights are right next to buildings on all four corners. Two of the buildings are over 3 stories tall. All of the buildings are within 5 feet of the curbs. So anyway, this makes the stoplights pretty hard to see, especially if you're not the first car in line.

So now, they've put in stoplights that hang over the street on long poles. (They're common in larger intersections.) So I'm ecstatic, because this is the type of light I'm used to. The world makes sense again. Or maybe I'm just crazy. ;)
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