August 9th, 2003


Today: Changed oil, got a monitor.

Today wasn't particularly eventful; I did the things I planned to do.

Changing my oil was quite an ordeal. I had to buy oil and a filter. I also had to buy a container to drain the oil into, and I bought a "Fram Sure-drain" system that should make changing the oil a little easier next time. Got home, realized the container I bought was too high to fit under the car & still be drained into, even after jacking up the front end of the car. So, nightskyre drove me back to the store, and I exchanged the container for a crappier (but more expensive) one. I was starting to get pretty frustrated at this point. Eventually, we got the oil changed. Spilled a bunch on the driveway, but that's life. I thank God it didn't rain, and I'm really glad Nightskyre was there to help.

After that was finally taken care of, Nightskyre, londo, and I went to Super China Buffet (mm.. yummy.. but so hard on my diet) and then to... BEST BUY!
I got that monitor I was talking about - a 17" Viewsonic LCD. It's so pretty.

I still need to make some pasta salad for church tomorrow. And start sending all of those emails. And figure out how I'm going to pay for school. And stuff.
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