August 10th, 2003


I went to church, I got things done.

I just sent out a bunch of emails. Hopefully, they will accomplish their purposes:
- to John Delorey, trying to set up a meeting to discuss Suff.
- to registrar@wpi and finaid@wpi that basically said, "I'm not going to be a full-time student this fall; I'm only taking two classes. What do I do?"
- to my advisor, asking my question about grad class vs. 4000-level, and asked if I could stop by and say hi sometime.

I realized that tuition is technically due on THURSDAY, so I'd better figure out where my tuition money is coming from. I need to examine the documents for my... bonds.. I think... and figure out how I actually get the money I need. (The documents are confusing.)

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Found out that the problem with my monitor going to sleep and not waking up is actually the computer, not the monitor (I suspected as much.) Just going to have to figure out what's doing that, then.
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