September 5th, 2003


Has anyone seen my driver's license?

It seems to have gone missing. The last time I know I had it is when I handed it over to the customs agent on Monday afternoon, and she handed it back. I've searched all over my car for it, but it's not there; nor did it go back into my wallet. My hope is that it got left somewhere, and someone will actually mail it back to my dad, or something.
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On monday, I:
  • Meet with my Suff advisor, then
  • run over to the HU&A office and hope I can change the date for my recital
  • have a voice lesson, and
  • go to my 3 hour long grad class

So yeah, a pretty full day. On the super-plus-side, I went in to enroll & pay my tuition early this week, and found out that instead of $4700, I only had to give them $3200. Whee! I'm not broke (yet)!

Unfortunately, I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to practice for my Suff. I get home from work and I'm just too tired to tackle something as physically demanding as that. Yeah, laugh if you want. Singing correctly uses a lot of energy.
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