September 26th, 2003


WPI email outage

OK, while I'm annoyed that the mail is out (and appears to still be out, though I can't be sure until I'm home), this amused me.

From IT's announcement of the outage:
Groups AffectedAll WPI E-mail users; Faculty, staff, and students is the primary mail server for WPI. While is unavailable, the following services will be impacted:

1. No incoming mail to WPI will be delivered
2. No outgoing mail from WPI will be delivered.
3. No internal server-to-server mail will be delivered.
4. Users will be unable to connect to the server from E-mail Clients. Users will receive "Connection refused" or other connection failure messages from their E-mail clients. This includes Pine, SquirrelMail (UNIX webmail), and other POP or IMAP clients.
QuestionsContact the Helpdesk by calling x5888 or

Heh. That email link isn't going to be too useful, though, is it?
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Erg. Sick.

Darn it. I left work an hour early, ostensibly because of homework, but I was starting to feel not-up-to-par. When I realized I was going the wrong way on 495, I was already starting to feel bad, and not looking forward to the drive home.

Now my throat is scratchy, and I've been coughing. At least I picked up some good herbal tea that should help (Throat Coat and Gypsy Cold Care). I also picked up a full gallon of O.J., though that may admittedly go partially towards screwdrivers (unless I still have some grapefruit juice for greyhounds - I like those better). Hey, it's still good for me that way, right? ;)
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