December 24th, 2003


Rushed? Why, of course, it's Christmas Eve!

Arg. Been meaning to write about my pre-Christmas trip home to Rochester, but I've just been incredibly busy over the past few days. Maybe after Christmas I'll have some time.

Speaking of Christmas, it's Christmas Eve, I still need to buy some gift cards/certificates, and I meant to be out of the house over an hour ago. But I'm also trying not to push myself too much, because then I'll forget something and just feel more rushed and stressed out.

Hopefully, Christmas will work out better than Thanksgiving did, with neither my family nor the Smiths feeling slighted. Of course, it should be easier since I have 5 days to play with this time, instead of 3. (Really 2.5, since I had to work Friday morning.)
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    Christmas music on WYCM (the local Christian station)