July 28th, 2004


Update: Weekend in NY

Last weekend was great.

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That was OK, though, because Nightskyre and I had breakfast with my dad, and headed out to Buffalo. We arrived in plenty of time for the ceremony - the church was lovely. The wedding was beautiful. The reception afterward was also very nice; nicer than I thought it would be, in fact. Both sets of parents are such wonderful people.

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We got back very late on Saturday night, too - of course. Sunday, we went to church with my dad, and I got to see one of my old junior high teachers. We had dinner at the Chinese buffet. After a quick shopping trip, we headed back to Worcester, and the weekend was over.

My father revealed that he was ready to accept a job in New Jersey. I'm happy for him, but now he's trying to get the house ready to sell as soon as possible. I think I've spent my last night in the house. It's a little depressing, but I knew it was coming.
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