July 11th, 2005


Web stuff

I've been working on my personal web site for a change. Still working on archiving all the pictures from Hawaii. I didn't realize quite how many pictures I had taken, especially the day just before nightskyre showed up and proposed.

In making some other updates, I visited the websites of my 2 elementary schools; they're both pretty slick. Almost all the teachers I knew at Northstar are gone, but that shouldn't surprise me. I left there in 1991, and most of my teachers had left already. Amusingly enough, I know one of the new teachers - she's a good friend of lorisheep.

Back to websites. A few months ago, I discovered morgueFile. It's a great resource for free images - both stock photography and reference images. I've already used them once or twice at work. Going through my pictures of the USS Arizona memorial, I realized that I had some pretty good, pretty unique pictures, so I've submitted them to the morgueFile myself. I'm not sure if I have very many worth using, but there are at least a few.

Hmm... I'm glad someone got better pictures at the Polynesian Cultural Center than I did.
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