June 25th, 2007


Book essay, Barnes & Noble sale.

An interesting essay I came upon today. Any fellow book-collector can relate to the question - "What are you going to do with all those books?"

All Those Books, by Matthew Cheney.

By the way, the summer clearance sale at Barnes and Noble is still going on. Lots of books for $2 or $5. The website navigation is horrible, though. It's easy to narrow down the results, but hard to narrow it down to the category you WANT, in less than 5 clicks. It's also hard to get from one category to a neighboring one.

Bike prep

Staples Bike to Work day was supposed to happen two weeks ago, but was postponed on account of rain. It's been rescheduled to tomorrow, so I'll be getting up and out of the house very early to meet other people in Marlborough, then bike about 6 miles to the headquarters in Framingham. nightskyre has graciously offered to drop me off in Marlborough in the morning and pick me up in Framingham in the afternoon - I'm not ready to bike far in the 90+ degree heat projected for tomorrow afternoon.

With this in mind, I finally got around to taking the rack off my hybrid bike and putting it on my road bike. It gets less and less likely that I will ever ride the hybrid again. Also bought a seat bag, so I can always have a spot for a couple of tools, plus keys and my cell phone.

Took it out for a short test ride; a bit over a mile, according to the Gmap Pedometer.

Miles biked this year: 37
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