July 23rd, 2007


Do cats like music, or do they hate it?

So I'm supposed to be singing a solo in church next Sunday. Due to the powers of procrastination, I only decided what to sing a few days ago; so now I really need to practice.

I started up the accompaniment CD, and in the middle of the second verse, Bailey jumps up onto my shoulders. Claws in your back make it awfully hard to concentrate on good posture and breath control, but I press on. As I practice, she keeps jumping on and off of my shoulders, and Talisker is winding around my feet and sitting on the entertainment center looking at me.

Eventually I had to lock them in the bedroom so I could practice without interruptions. I should have realized this would happen - they were all over me the first time I played this CD and sang through the songs trying to pick one.

I just have to remember to keep locking them up in the future. Maybe they're just trying to see what's going on. Maybe they like it. But I can't practice with a cat trying to balance on me. It just doesn't work.