October 16th, 2007


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No matter how many times I try, I get the feeling I will never really understand the Windows registry system. Probably a result of never needing to work with it until adulthood, when I've already internalized how I think computers should work, based on prior experience.

Give me a Mac OS any day... or, barring that, I'd take Linux, too.

Gym, take 2

It's been two weeks since the fateful day I tried the gym and lost my engagement ring (Andrew found it for me). So, I tried it again after Bible study tonight.

I can really see the progress they're making in remodeling the gym. Got to use one of the new bikes tonight, which has all sorts of digital readouts and programming. It will probably take me a while to figure out how to do any of the "programs" on it. For tonight, I just set it for 15 minutes, and adjusted difficulty up and down as needed.

A friend from church was actually there on a bike when I walked in, so the first half of my biking, I got to talk to her, which was nice. According to the readout, I went 4 miles. I tried to pace myself so that I was working hard and sweating, but not completely red-faced and panting. Seemed to work pretty well.

Also used the weight machines to work out my upper arms, abs, and lower back. The lower back machine excites me - maybe if I use it regularly, I'll be able to make my back stronger and avoid some low back pain.

I can't wait until they put the pool(s) in. Then I'll be able to do both of my favorite aerobic excercises in the middle of winter :)

Next step: making time to go more than once per week....
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