April 7th, 2008


Preggo update

Had my "16-week" appointment with the obstetrician today. Good news all around - baby heartbeat was still strong and easy to find (I'm not surprised, since nightskyre thinks he's been able to hear it with an ear up to my belly); I have had textbook weight gain since my last appointment (4 weeks ago); my blood-sugar test came back well within normal ranges; all other vitals they looked at are normal.

Next appointment is at 20 weeks, including an ultrasound!

I am an idiot.... an idiot who needs to go to the dentist.

I've been putting off a visit to the dentist for many years now. Why? Mostly because it's inconvenient, and I didn't know of any dentists in the Worcester area that might be "good". Well, my friend D solved the second problem last month, and I've just circumvented the first problem by waiting too long.

I just chipped a tooth. I must now go to the dentist. It's still not emergency-level urgent, because it's not actually my tooth that broke; it's a cap [edit: technically a veneer, not a cap] that I've had for roughly 15 years, ever since I broke off my two front teeth running around playing tag in a church basement.

I should have realized the cap wouldn't be permanent - it pretty much disintegrated today while eating my afternoon snack. It's probably been weak for years now - but no one would know, because I haven't been going to the dentist.

Hence, I am an idiot. No one should skip going to the dentist for years on end... but ESPECIALLY not if you have any dental work more complex than fillings.