July 15th, 2008


Ah, back pain... how I missed you...

Ah, back pain... how I missed you.. NOT.

My chronic low-level back pain COMPLETELY disappeared for the first half of my pregnancy. It was weird, but I didn't question it - in any case, the pain is usually at such a low level that I didn't really notice it was gone... until it started coming back. It's been stronger and stronger over the last month or so, though; and now I can't use most of my usual coping techniques anymore.

  • Stretching? My bulk and lack of balance means I can't stretch far enough to do much good.
  • Lying on my stomach? Too uncomfortable.
  • Heat? Only for very limited periods of time, since raising my core body temperature supposedly reduces blood flow to the uterus/placenta/baby.

It was pretty bad last night; I'm guessing mostly due to stress and the multiple hours I spent stuffed into the backseat of the car with my brother- and sister-in-law this past weekend. My posture at work certainly isn't helping, either.

I really don't want to try to find time to go see a chiropractor. I last went to one about three years ago, and it was a waste of my time. I don't have time to waste, especially during the week.