September 14th, 2009


Birthdays coming up. How to celebrate?

So, nightskyre's birthday is on Wednesday... and baby C's birthday is next Tuesday (can you believe she's going to be 1 year old already?)

We want to do something, but we just hosted a gigantic party last week (Labor Day). To throw in another complication, nightskyre's cousin will be visiting, too; so we want to keep things low-key.

So, here's my thought. We'll do something this weekend. Dinner Friday night (18th) at O'Connors for nightskyre, and chocolate cake for C on Saturday (19th) in the early afternoon.

Thoughts? Would you come celebrate one or both birthdays with us?

Poll #1457400 Birthday celebration(s)

Would you join us on:

Friday night dinner at O'Connor's
Saturday afternoon cake at home
I love you guys so much I would come to both!
My schedule is too full to come to both. I will come to whichever one will have more people.
I hate birthday parties and would not come.
Don't fence me in! Protest the system! (Explain yourself, please...)