August 20th, 2010


Haven't posted in a while...

News: I am pregnant. Just found out Wednesday that it's a boy. Baby Asher is due early January 2011.

I had "morning sickness" (now with more actual vomiting!) for 4 months. Had to be on medication so I could function and get food down. Finally was able to stop taking the meds about 2 weeks ago, and about 1 week ago, the constant nausea finally abated. Still have a little bit of trouble the first 30 minutes I'm awake in the morning, but I can deal with that!

Have been crazy busy (when I'm not lying on the couch wishing I could die). The next month is going to be particularly hectic, starting with a trip to Rochester this week. Then our giant Labor Day (well, Sunday) BBQ which will have at least half the folks from church... the day before that, nightskyre and I are going to a Red Sox game (yay!)... then comes the church highschool kick-off, then Nightskyre's birthday, then Claire's birthday... yeesh.

Maybe things will quiet down again by October.