October 12th, 2011

baby boy

9 months - Teeth!

Baby A, you're growing like a weed. You'll be 9 months old this week, and you are outgrowing your 12-month clothing! You've been working on pulling up and standing for a while now, and you are doing a little bit of experimentation with standing on your own and cruising along the furniture. But when you really want to get somewhere, you drop to the floor - and boy, can you crawl fast! Big Sister C sometimes grabs you to keep you from crawling into the kitty litter box or the kitty food, but you're getting too strong and slippery for her, even though you are only half her size.

You are finally getting teeth! Just this week, one top tooth poked through, and now another one is starting to appear. (I say "finally", but I know Big Sister didn't get any teeth until almost a year - so you're ahead of her on that, as well as on height.) You've had a few issues with food and with minor illnesses passed back and forth in the family (most recently, a viral rash - yuck!), but you're obviously growing well. Everyone remarks on how happy you are - unless they've had to babysit you at night. You take after your sister on that - you're happy unless it's bedtime and you don't have a parent to help you get to sleep.