February 27th, 2012

shopping math


The new Wegmans in Northboro is ENORMOUS. I mean, I grew up with large Wegmans, but this place is HUUUUGE! The liquor section alone is bigger than the biggest "packy" (package store, or liquor store for non-New Englanders) I know of in the Worcester area. The sit-down/buffet/eating area is also deceptively large (there are 4 seating rooms), and has 6 or 7 different stations of cuisines to choose from.

I had a few odd moments of nostalgia. One was in passing the pharmacy. They have exactly the same way of laying out the pharm area - giving it it's own "corner" even though it's in the middle of the store - that the Britton Road store did (does? I'm pretty sure they closed recently.)

Another moment was in passing the bulk foods area. There were some cool candy and non-candy options that caught my eye as an adult, but I also saw a few candies I haven't seen since I was a kid, like Brach's jelly-filled nougat (disgusting, I know)... and loose Jelly Bellys! Then I remembered the benefit of having the customer-operated tagging machine: pick out your candy, tag it, and start eating it before you're at the checkout! (Didn't let Claire know about this option, though.)

The last was in passing the paper goods aisles at the far end of the store (next to the liquor). The high, warehouse-style shelving of paper products probably SHOULD make me think of BJ's or another warehouse club, but that's how Wegmans has been doing it for 20+ years, so... yeah. Another blast from the past following me.

As a parent, I really appreciated a number of features, particularly in the bathrooms (with 2 kids there for almost 2 hours, there were multiple bathroom trips...) They have a "family bathroom" in at least one spot, but the women's rooms also have a "family stall", which includes the expected changing table, but also a sink, a strap-your-child-in chair - and a wicker armchair! Oh, and the toilet is just a bit lower to the floor. Someone really put thought into how a "family" with more than one young kid uses a bathroom! The main sink area in the bathrooms also has a flip-down stepstool so smaller children can reach the water, which is handy.

All in all, it was a good time. Might keep going out there when we can make a morning of it - wrap up with eating lunch at the end or something. And next time, there will be less window-shopping/impulse-buys and better list-making ;)