August 30th, 2013


Garden tips/thoughts for next year

1. Only plant ONE marigold plant, or plant multiples with the express purpose of digging the rest up as seedlings and planting them elsewhere around the yard. The three that are in the veg. garden this year are now crowding out the basil and the carrots.

2. Don't plant the marigold next to the carrots! It's tempting, but their leaves look very very similar, and they're both sort of feathery and get intertwined.

3. Be patient with the carrots. Wait until a bit of orange top is showing before harvesting.

4. Do something around the box to prevent plant growth - put down mulch or mats?

5. Get sturdy poles for vining plants (cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini?). Ask the next-door neighbors where they got theirs.

6. Plant at least 2 kinds of tomatoes - I'm thinking a cherry/grape variety and a larger variety. Some of them the kids will eat, and the rest can be made into sauce.

7. Start harvesting full mint stems BEFORE it starts trying to take over the whole garden. The stems can be hung up and dried.

8. The plants need a LOT more water in the summer. I definitely underwatered them this year.

9. The pepper plants will actually flower & fruit multiple times. Look up how to hand-pollinate them to get more fruit. (As of the end of August, one plant has had 2 peppers, one at a time, and the other plant FINALLY has its first pepper growing.)

10. If I plant chives, put them next to one of the walls of the box. In the center, they get hard to reach & harvest.