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Finally at school

Well, I'm here. My room is mostly set up, and I'm getting into the swing of things. Classes start tomorrow, and I think I'm even going to get some reading done in the textbooks for my two classes so I might be a little more prepared than usual.

Been running a lot of errands, many of which have to do with school starting and moving into the dorms. Also dealing with things like my attempt to get baptised this upcoming Sunday. It's something I've been looking forward to for quite a while; I finally feel like I'm ready for it (not necessarily prepared, but ready). It's exciting, too. My whole family (well, my mom's side of the family, which is everyone I care about) is coming up, and so is my best friend lorisheep!

Applying for more and more jobs - I mean to go down Highland St. this evening, or possibly tomorrow, to apply for a few jobs down that way (like Honey Farms), just in case I don't get one of the on-campus jobs I applied for. I also need to get groceries, and clean out my fridge so I have somewhere to put them :) I still haven't called Apple about the power cord for my iBook; I should do that today, too, now that I have a phone (thanks, nightskyre!)

Hm. Probably can't get any other "big" errands done now; I have an MQP meeting in half an hour.

Summary, since this ended up longer than I intended - Life is good. Life is busy. Friends are back from far places. I like school. :)

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