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Oh, we're screwed now.

So, the final copy of our proposal so we can go to London is due tomorrow, possibly extended to Thursday. One of the other two group members, G, suddenly decides he hasn't been doing enough work, and won't be helpful once we get there. So he sends an email to C and me, as well as to the professor teaching the class and the two advisors going to London stating this.

How in the hell could he do this to us? We're already on probation for our work not quite meeting our advisor's standards. Does he think having one less person to work is going to make it BETTER? As far as I'm concerned, his actions have just condemned all three of us to stay here. I had a feeling we might get kicked off... but I didn't picture this. I really want to go; it's supposed to be a hilight of going to WPI. It may be easier on me if I stay here, but probably not. I still won't graduate on time, and now I'll be back to having to do all three projects. I was really hoping to get one of them out of the way before the end of the year, instead of having to do them all during my hellish senior year. I can't believe this is happening.

G is the same one who was saying earlier he would do well on this project even if it killed him. Maybe it did.

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