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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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G. apologised profusely for yesterday's outbreak, and told the professors he really does want to stick with the project. What a relief!

I'm feeling much better now, if still overworked. We're going to need to get everything for our proposal done tonight. We have a presentation around 6:30 in class, and then we'll be meeting to make changes to the paper once again, write a cover letter, and send it out. That means that by tomorrow morning, the proposal will basically be done, and we can lay off for about a week before we get to London and the work once again starts in earnest. We should arrange some more information gathering here in the U.S., but we do have a whole week of break to do that.

Tomorrow will be filled with doing my last project for Operating Systems. I haven't started it yet, so I want to get started in the morning so I can ask questions in class (if I need to.) londo has offered to help, which is great. I also have a final tomorrow, but I'm not terribly worried about it. However, it is another I need to work on and study for.

Once I've got everything done on Thursday, I get to start packing. My dad will most likely arrive Friday night, and we're going to have to pack everything into a U-Haul on Saturday. I'm not exactly looking forward to the packing, but it has to be done. I hope it won't be too hard to accomplish, and I hope I can think of ways to make it fun, or at least bearable.

And now, off to eat a quick dinner and go rehearse the presentation with my partners. I hope our work on fixing the paper won't take all night this time.