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Talked to the woman at the Health Center; my blood tests are back, but not the throat culture (so they can't tell if I have strep, yet).

The blood test for mono came back negative! Now I'm frustrated. I'd really like to know what I've got, and I can't see a doctor (at least not on-campus) because we've entered fall break. It's possible that it's a false negative, even likely if I've only been sick for a day or two. But I've certainly been sick for at least a week - maybe not with mono, though... However, my white blood count is high, which means my immune system is certainly working to fend off something. The woman told me to call back on Monday and tell her how I'm feeling, and if I'm not better (or something) I'll have to go see the doctor on Tuesday (because of course, Monday is a holiday as well).

So, long story short, I'm in the same situation I was in yesterday afternoon. It might be mono, it might not. It might be strep, it might not. It seems the only thing I can be sure of is that I'm sick with SOMETHING, and I feel miserable.

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