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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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So much grading...

Ugh. 5.5 hours of grading is waaaay too much in one day. Of course, I had to put it off until today, between the massive amount of work and being deathly ill for almost a week. But now it's done, yay!

On the upside, I'm feeling much, much better. Hopefully this means I am done being sick, and now I can get back to working on MQP and figuring out grad school stuff, like I had planned for this week.

It's going to be interesting being an SA next term. It's for the next low-level class, so it'll still be relatively easy, though I'll need to brush up on some of my C++ a little more (as I discovered this term - I should probably invest in a good reference book.) But this term, it sounds like I'll be doing little or no grading, just office hours and labs. I'm slated for 3 hours of lab (8-11am, ugh.. combined with my 8am class, I'd better get used to going to bed early...), and 4-5 office hours. Actually, could be kind of nice, as it means I just have to show up (and have some idea what's going on, of course). It'll even give me a nice homework time if there's no one at office hours.

In any case, I'm not going to worry about it too much now. I'm far too tired to really care at the moment; I just wanted to get my feelings & news down before they were no longer relevant.

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londo October 14th, 2002
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