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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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My mom just called to tell me that my cat Shelly died. We've had her for 11.5 years, since she was found near the highway during a really bad ice storm. She was the best kitty, and she loved people. Really dumb, but so lovable - and she helped me get over the loss of the first cat I'd really loved, who had died the week before.

Oh well. 12 years is a reasonably full kitty life.. and we made sure she had a good life the way she wanted, with lots of attention and love.

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wicketgate November 18th, 2002
I'm so sorry Nitro :/ It's always hard to lose a pet. *hugs* I feel for you and your family...


anitra November 18th, 2002
Thanks. The really weird thing is that this hasn't really hit me yet. I think I may be in denial, or I'm just shoving it away because I can't afford to deal with it right now, I have too much else to do. :( In any case, I think it'll hit me eventually that she's really gone - and I'll be bawling my eyes out. (I just pray that doesn't happen until I have some time off and not so much work to do.)

jzer November 18th, 2002
awww *hug*

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