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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Hooray good coding practices!

Just learned how to use the vector container class from the STL. This will stand me in good stead, as it is (generally) preferable to using arrays in C++. It also means I can pass by value, and use it as a return value - both very valuable to me for my AI homeworks. I really should have been using it in my previous homeworks, instead of doing recursion with *gasp* a global array (ick).

In any case, I'm hoping my partner for this AI project will understand this. It's pretty similar to what we were already doing. And it's going to make our work a whole lot easier :)

If anyone's curious about this assignment, we're making a program that can play Mancala (or Owari). For more information, see my professor's description of the project.