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OK, so I should be doing work, but I'm writing in my journal instead.

I have an MQP meeting (first since Monday) in 40 minutes, but I don't want to do any more work for it. Everything I'm doing at this point is group projects, so I'm having a lot of meetings, and not getting as much "real work" done as I should be.

On the other hand, BrazenHeart doesn't seem to have been doing any work on the MQP this week either... but that doesn't justify my lack of work. However, I think it's been good for my sanity. I'm really tired, but I'm not feeling as stressed out and overworked.

I need to be working more on the web stuff for my Databases project, but that's not urgent - the project is due Monday the 9th, so we've still got about two weeks. The AI project is coming along decently - we couldn't do much today when we met, so we'll probably meet on Sunday and start testing our program to see if it actually works.

This whole entry feels very fragmented to me - but I'm having trouble keeping coherent lines within my own thoughts, so it's not surprising. I'm not sure if I could write on a single theme at this point.

Anyway, I'm going to NH with nightskyre, Ildae, and Sheif (names stolen from D&D for lack of better aliases) this weekend. We're leaving tonight when Nightskyre gets back from work tonight, and we're going to have lunch at Margarita's (great restaurant!!) tomorrow before we come back. So I probably won't get more work done between dinner tonight (I'm having some extra office hours after dinner) and Sunday, but it'll be worth it for some decompression time. And I get to sleep in!!! (yeah, I'm a little excited about that).

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