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I spend most of this weekend packing stuff up to get out of my dorm room. On Saturday, my dad and I packed everything into a UHaul trailer, but it took so long that we decided to wait until Sunday to move it. I'm storing all my stuff at my aunt's house in Freeport, ME until I get back in May.

So I spent around 6 hours with my dad yesterday in the car, with nothing else to do. It was interesting talking to him, although I think we talked even less than usual. I did ask him again how he felt about nightskyre, since I've been spending so much time with him lately. My dad remarked that he likes him, that he's very mature and knowledgeable in general, but somewhat... (I forget the word he used... scattered? disorganised? unprepared? *shrug*) in a few areas. He asked me about nightskyre's personal faith, and how he's doing. This led into a long discussion about my habits in my walk with God as well.

I do have some problems taking advice from my dad about this, as I have lost a lot of respect for him because of his confession (without repentance) of his adultery against my mother. However, he did make a few good points that reminded me of what I need to be doing, especially spending time with God each day in prayer and in the Word.

Pastor Mike was also able to recommend a good Bible-teaching church in London; I hope I can find it, and that it's as good as he makes it out to be.

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