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Holidays are interesting.

Well, I'm trying to get everything ready so my mother and I can leave nice and early tomorrow morning. I have a feeling we might not manage - at the moment, I would say the odds are slightly in our favor.

On the other hand, there are several things lacking from our current state - for example, I still haven't had time to get a present for my dad, because he was the only person I've gone Christmas shopping with... Imagine, I have not even set foot in the mall since I've been home - I did all my shopping at other stores. However, I did finish my mom's present and bake cookies for my aunt tonight. My mom wants me to make a few more treats for her; I guess I have to, otherwise she'll bug me about it so I can't sleep.

And then there's the issue with nightskyre. His sister is mad at him that he won't be staying home long, so now he doesn't know when he'll be coming up to Maine. It's ok if he doesn't want to stay long, but I have a feeling he's going to end up being very rushed - especially since we have plans to go visit BrazenHeart, as well. Ah well, his decision. And we don't have to go see BrazenHeart; I bought him a birthday present, but I can just give it to him when we get back to school.

Oh geez - new development: Nightskyre's family wants me to show up, too. Not that I don't want to see them - I do. But I don't have a car... So it's awfully hard for me to go see them unless I either a)rush Nightskyre around more, or b)drag my mom along. Ugh. Oh well, we're figure something out.

Bah. I feel like I'm still forgetting something - I certainly don't have to pack, since I've been living out of my duffel bag already. I have to take Mourninglory to work tomorrow... I haven't seen lorisheep to give her her Christmas present - that will just have to wait until after I get back. Same with getting Dad's present. *sigh* I hope I can get Mom going in the morning.

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