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I am so glad Christmas is over.

Ok, so lots of stuff that I've been thinking about over vacation, so I've broken it up a bit below:

I've been sleeping on a couch the whole time I was home, because mourninglory was staying with my mom, and my mom didn't want to add to the piles of junk in the living room, preferring to confine her crap to my room. I wouldn't have minded too much, except it meant I didn't have any place to be alone in the house...

AND now my mom wants me to come back over spring break and clean out my stuff so she can try to sell the house. This is especially frustrating since I've been planning to go somewhere with nightskyre over the break - he actually managed to get the week off from work, so he CAN go somewhere.

Good news: So far, I've spent less than $50 on textbooks. AND one of the two I've bought so far (the cheaper one, at $17) is a book I wanted anyway: Donald Norman's The Design of Everday Things. The bad news? I need one more book. It's going to be around $80. To top that, the bookstore doesn't even have it in yet! I'm going to check one more time tomorrow.. then I'm going to look for it again on to see if it's worth trying to buy it there.

I don't feel good about the MQP. None of us ended up doing work on it over break, and the code for the GA is still broken on UNIX. We should make a decision soon whether we want to try to fix it, or just use the code on Windows after all.

I'm also wondering if I should change around my schedule AGAIN to give me more time to work towards doing my Suff and also to be sure I can take the class required as a capstone for the Management minor (it's all I have to do to get that minor, I already have all the other requirements filled through my work pre-CS-major). On the other hand, I've already told everyone roughly when my Suff recital will be. But I haven't talked to John Delorey to advise it yet. Hm. This requires more thought.

Also went to a job fair for Traveler's insurance today (in Conneticut). I need to follow-up on a position on their helpdesk, and also on their internship program. Lucky for me, my weird graduation date lets me be eligible for both. Other than that, the job search hasn't gone well. And I realised I need to look for people I can use as references. I remember that I already asked krellis. (Thanks, krellis!) But I should have at least one, if not two more references. I think I'm going to have to ask my academic/MQP advisor... and I don't think he'd be able to give me a very good recommendation because of the way the MQP has been going.

Everyone tells me I should aim high, but with my experience & requirements (most of which have to do with finishing school), I think all I'm going to be able to do is man the register at Honey Farms, or some other retail business on Highland Street. I'll be really screwed if I can't even get a job there. Oh well, time enough to think about that later.. I don't even have an apartment or a roommate lined up yet.

Wow. I feel whiny. I apologize to anyone who actually read through all of that.

9 days and counting until my 21st birthday...(Jan 18th). Don't know what I'm doing yet, other than going somewhere to drink in public. :) I do know it will end fairly early, because I want to be able to get up for church the morning afterwards. Anyone reading this who can be in Worcester weekend after next is invited (and suggestions regarding where to go are welcome).
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