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This amuses me. I can't believe the Roman Catholic church would actually seek a patron saint for the Internet. Heck, the idea of patron saints seems pretty blasphemous to me. But what would I know? I'm just an itenerant Christian who's been led astray by the Protestantism, after all. ;)

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anitra January 31st, 2003
I say it's blasphemous because all Christians (including Catholics) say they believe in only one God. However, Catholics can pray to their patron saints (they say they're asking the saints to pray for them, but how do you ask someone who's dead and you've never met?) Those who believe in him should pray to God alone.

It boils down to this: I believe that all Christians are basically equal with respect to God (example 1, example 2). None have special privileges where they're closer to God and their requests have more weight. The Catholic process of "sainting" someone flies in the face of this. It means somehow you can buy favor with God.

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