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Sometimes, I wish I was done with being a student.

So I described tomorrow's schedule to Sheif - I'm going to be up the hill from 10am until after 5pm, and then I get to come back & start on my homework.

him: How can you be so busy? How many hours of actual class do you have in a day?
me: Well, I've only got two hours. Plus a gym class.
him: And you work, right? How many hours of that?
me: It averages out to 2 hours a day as well.
him: So, you've got 4 hours from that. You're telling me you can't get your homework done in the other 4 hours?
me: No, I can't.

And it's true. Honestly, the MQP probably takes me 2 hours a day at this point. And I spend at least 2 hours a day on OOAD, often more. I'm about a week behind on my Psychology reading at this point, and there's a group project for that class, too (and I haven't gotten a group yet). And the professor for OOAD announced that part of our homework this week will be a group exercise, as well.

My bills are mounting, the MQP is buggy, and I'm trying to look for a job in the little free time I have. I like my classes, but I wish I could pursue these topics at a slower pace. All my friends who have graduated & have jobs tell me how nice it is to have free time.

May seems so close, too close for me to get everything done... yet it's taking its sweet time coming so I can be done with all of this. (Well, mostly done.)
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