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Ok, so today was kind of crappy overall.
I went to bed sometime after 4am, and got up at 8am. I skipped Physics conference to finish my Webware project (although it was really interesting, part of why I made sure I did it all,) and work that needed to be done on the MQP. Had MQP meeting at 11 that went the whole hour. Couldn't stay awake in Webware. Basically, I had 4 hours of class/meetings and another 3ish of work, all on 4 hours of sleep. It was rough, and I'm tired.

BUT now it's done (except for my Physics homework)!

Even better - the MQP is going reasonably well. We should be able to get the next exp. up before the end of the week. This means we should have about a week to actually analyze our data before we have to present anything!

Oops, I still need to go to Price Chopper, too. No biggie, though - I could do that in my sleep ;)
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