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My life as journaled

Because I'm boring like that

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Ok, so today was kind of crappy overall.
I went to bed sometime after 4am, and got up at 8am. I skipped Physics conference to finish my Webware project (although it was really interesting, part of why I made sure I did it all,) and work that needed to be done on the MQP. Had MQP meeting at 11 that went the whole hour. Couldn't stay awake in Webware. Basically, I had 4 hours of class/meetings and another 3ish of work, all on 4 hours of sleep. It was rough, and I'm tired.

BUT now it's done (except for my Physics homework)!

Even better - the MQP is going reasonably well. We should be able to get the next exp. up before the end of the week. This means we should have about a week to actually analyze our data before we have to present anything!

Oops, I still need to go to Price Chopper, too. No biggie, though - I could do that in my sleep ;)

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ramius5889 April 1st, 2003
You know that I have to take those experiments that you make? :)

anitra April 4th, 2003
Yup. So do the next one already! ;)

It's the last one, I promise.

ramius5889 April 4th, 2003
Already did it :). I did it 5-10 minutes after Prof. Brown sent the email about it. So what are you measuring...

anitra April 4th, 2003
We're measuring the time it takes to find your target, and the path you take to get there. Our MQP involves adaptive websites - the experiment you just took is the website after it has been adapted.

If you want more information, it's on my server.

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