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more MQP fun.

So part of my running around today was getting another section of our MQP paper ready to give to our advisor for review. I hate being the one to clean stuff up (like appendix numbers, formatting, etc), but I know my partners won't do it.

So, when I finally got some time tonight (after taking a well-deserved rest), I start working on the paper again. I take a little "time out" to update the outline for our paper, which I didn't really need to do, but I didn't want to start writing again. I noticed several parts we needed to work on simply by going through the outline, so I decided to color-code it to give myself a clue how much we actually need to do. That was depressing. Of course, the black sections are bigger than they appear (i.e. the Related Research is as big or bigger than the rest of the paper combined right now). Even so, we've got a lot to do. We should really have everything written within the next 2 weeks, so it can go through a few revisions before it's actually due.

And project presentations are a week from next Tuesday. Eep! We're not even done with our experiments yet!
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