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Musings about graduation

Preface: I went to a ceremony this morning, honoring all "graduates" (seniors) who went abroad through WPI's global program.

Walking up to the ceremony, and back from it, I was reminiscing quite a bit. I passed Stoddard, and thought of all the people I knew as a freshman, from my dorm, and from Stoddard B, across the courtyard. I thought of ctriv and his freshman roommate (who is graduating, as far as I know), and of krellis. We all spent a lot of time together that year... but then ctriv went back to michigan, and krellis started working. Both of them dropped out of school about a year later. I finally realized I wanted to be a CS major; I realized that computers really interested me, even though I didn't know much about them. And what better way to learn? (no, don't answer that.) It was weird seeing so many people that I haven't really talked to in 3 years - like dreemo (my freshman roommate), and JLi, the guy I used to walk to band with. I realized I've "known" my friend V (who's moving to Seattle) since the beginning of our freshman year - we were in Calc 4 together, and we complained that we couldn't also take PH1111 at the same time. I realized as I was bringing my desk up the stairs that the people living on the second floor of my building are all girls who lived in Stoddard with me.

I'm still friends with Chantal and with Sarto (that is, I actually talk to them without just running into them), and of course, Fargo.. who was an upperclassman when I arrived, and has still not graduated. Heh.

The weather reminds me very much of a similar day 4 years ago - my last day of classes at my highschool. I remember sitting there and thinking that it was too cold, that the school year couldn't be over yet, that my highschool time was so close to being over. In fact, I only had one exam left to take at that point. It seems such a short time ago.

I'm marginally in touch with a few friends from highschool - mookieghana and mourninglory (and lorisheep, but she doesn't count - I've known her for over 15 years). I know aquamoonmist has a journal, but I haven't really talked to her in about 3 years. I keep trying to get in touch with two of the other members of our "group" everytime I go home, but I haven't been able to reach either of them. Inna should be graduating from U of R now, and Darryl is a mechanic, and living at home.

I'd also like to get in touch with Alison Schmitt. She was a freshman when I was a senior; this means she's finished her first year in college now. I'd like to get a hold of her & talk to her, but I have no valid contact information for her. (And there are lots of Schmitts in the phone book). If anyone knows how to contact her, I'd be grateful if you passed on the info.

Wow. It has been a short four years, and a long musing entry. Tomorrow, I serve as an usher for graduation. I wonder what the winter graduation (that I, my two roommates, and ramius5889 should all be participating in ) will be like.
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