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Graduation was beautiful. After being very cool in the morning (around 40 degrees), it warmed up just in time for the ceremony. It went from being completely overcast to completely clear in probably 20 minutes - it was amazing. And almost everyone I know who was there got a sunburn (mild for most of us, though). I ended up sitting right on the aisle (ostensibly to keep people from creeping up the aisle to take pictures), and caught many of my friends' eyes as they went up to get their diploma.

I envy them. That was my class, the class of 2003. Those were the people who were freshmen with me. That was my class. I took Calculus with them. I visited their dorms (especially Daniels and Stoddard B). That was my class, who convinced me to be a CS major because I'd enjoy it more. They were my IQP and MQP groups, my classmates in music, math, and chemistry. That was my class, walking up to receive their diplomas, without me.

I'm not bitter, just.. empty. I knew I should be up there with everyone else. But my time will come. I know it's common to be in my situation (not finishing in 4 years); and I'll be up there next year. Hopefully by then I'll have a "real" job, though ;)
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